The Chavit Tree Project Corp. delivers a guaranteed supply of high-quality, multi-purpose lumber from a fast-growing species with a felling age of 5 years, while consistently providing the environmental benefit of growing trees.

Quick Growth

Unlike other species, which may take up to 12 years to reach felling age, the Chavit Tree is ready for harvest in 5 years. In that period, it achieves a cubication of ± 1 m³ – 1.4 m³. The Chavit Tree may reach heights of 12 – 16 m, with a 5-year stalk diameter ± 30 – 35 cm.

Steady Supply

Upon harvest after the first 5 years, the Chavit Tree grows again without need for replanting or replacement. This occurs for two more cycles, giving each tree a 15-year period of use, and providing a steady, sustainable, supply of lumber.

Easy to Maintain

The Chavit Tree is easy to maintain, only requiring basic watering, supported by manure fertilizer when planting. The anti-insect properties of the bark prevent attack from termites. Pruning is necessary in order to obtain the optimum quality of the wood.

High Quality

The Chavit Tree produces high-quality lumber that is straight, light, compact, and without holes. 

The flexibility and hardiness of its lumber is superior to other species of trees which may grow more quickly, but are of lesser quality. The wood is ideal for furniture production.

Zero Waste

The Chavit Tree can be used in its entirety, with 65% of the tree utilised for lumber, and the remaining 35% waste for pulp and plywood. The Chavit Tree also produces less sawdust during processing of lumber.

Contract Growing
We can manage.

Chavit Trees are grown in partnership with landowners, through the trees’ three cycles of growth and harvest. 

Terms are set between the Chavit Tree Project Corp. and the landowner for length of commitment, tree security, and other services within the first few months of planting. Stewards are also taught basic watering techniques for tree maintenance.

Grow your own

The Chavit Tree Project Corp. grows and propagates seedlings for sale at a competitive cost. 

Seedlings are propagated in a laboratory using natural methods that do not alter the plant’s genetic makeup. Buyers are at liberty to plant the seedlings where they see fit.

Seedling Propagation & Sale



Seedlings are propagated in the Chavit Tree Project Corp. laboratory based in Pasig.


Top notch infrastructure and technology is employed to con- tinuously produce high-quality forest seedlings. 

The nursery features a Germination House and Rooting Area; a Mother Plant House; and a Pro- duction House to progress the weaning of seedlings from the Rooting Area to polybags.


Seedlings are specially packaged to ensure maintenance of quality and ease of delivery.

About Us

History The Chavit Tree Project Corp. began as a joint venture between Indonesian scientist Prof. Dr. Ir. Faizal Daud Badaruddin, M.P and former Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson, as a means to create a sustainable source of lumber, while promoting reforestation and a safer, gree- ner, future. 

Prof. Faizal spent six years in research before develo- ping a new formula for the propagation of the tropical plant Litsea accedonteis. This resulted in the Chavit Tree – a tree that takes only 5 years to grow from seed- ling to fully-matured tree. 

The Chavit Tree can be used in its entirety, with appli- cations ranging from furniture, to construction and housing, as well as pulp and plywood.

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